A Writer's Tale

A Writer's Tale


  When I was seven, I wanted a dog, but was given a typewriter. I still wanted the dog--but from then on, I was a writer.

Fastforward to my twenties when I earned an MFA in Writing from Brooklyn College, and then another decade when I moved with my kids to a 100-year-old farmhouse in Vermont. With no tv, no internet access and only a cranky wood stove for heat, we read a lot, as well as conjured up many characters of our own. Back in those days, it was thrilling to see my first poems and stories published in SPIDER and CRICKET magazines.

Since then, I've been fortunate to publish over 25 books of fiction, fantasy and verifiable ghost stories for readers of all ages, winning several awards along the way. If you have any questions either about my books or to share your own writer's story, I look forward to hearing from you.

Above all, I am grateful for having lived a writer’s life and for the creative people who make this world a bright and inhabitable place.



Much thanks to the my creative colleagues for their recent dramatic reading  of        A Legend of Now at the historic Jefferson Market Library. To all the NYC students I meet every semester who amaze and humble me with their creative resilience. Thanks to all libraries, librarians and bookstores that have courageously kept their doors open--with particular gratitude to Jefferson Market Library in NYC, Symposia in Hoboken  and the Castleton Free Library in Vermont. Thanks above all to our creator whose good works  we can emulate in our thoughts, actions and creative expressions.

Welcome to A LEGEND of NOW.

Author E. Merwin presentation at Castleton Library Vermont 2018

As a writer, editor and educator I have been so fortunate to work with thousands of students, colleagues, writers-- artists all in the most challenging of crafts--living, and even in these tough times, protecting, cherishing and preserving our creative spirits.

And so whatever your creative expression--writing books, raising kids or singing on the subway, let's keep creating as this is the real work of the world.

Recent Awards

ILA Choices Reading List Award 2018

2018 DARK UNDERGROUND: awarded  a place on the  Children's Choice Book List of 2018 by the Children's Book Council.

Indie Book Award 1st Prize for Regional Fiction

2017 NORTHMAN'S DAUGHTER: awarded 1st Place for Regional Fiction in Next Generation Indie Book Awards.

Writer's Digest Writing Competition Award 2016

2016 SUBWAY SUPERMAN  awarded prize for published article in the Writers Digest Awards; his story inspiring the book, Donovan's Charge.

A Legend of All


Author E. Merwin with black lab Amy

As a writer I have learned that all legends are collaborative. Every books has its creative co-conspirators and Here are mine--including Amy, a very soulful hound...

J. Carter Merwin

Artist & writer, J. Carter Merwin created the detailed and delightful drawings for A Legend of NOW.

Artist J Carter Merwin, who created the detailed and delightful drawings for a Legend of Now, is also the author of her own fantasy series, Tales of Eardon. https://merwinstudios.com/ 


Thanks to stencil artist MOR for creating the cut-outs for My Piccolo and these iconic wings for a

Thanks to artist MOR for creating the cut-outs for My Piccolo, as  well as  these iconic wings for a Legend of NOW. Thanks always for the your solidarity, strength and the sharp-edge of your vision. https://www.instagram.com/morstencilart/ 

Robert Ressler

Baruch Hashem
18' x 32' x 32'  wood & copper
Grounds for Sculpture
Gift of Leonard Dobbs

Thanks to artist Robert Ressler whose public artworks for 20 years amazed us, whose work as a sculptor inspired the book, Call Me Piccolo.

Elias T. Ressler

Painting of Tiepolo's greyhound, ancestor of Piccolo Fortunato

Thanks to Teddy who in his early years co-created the character and adventure of  an Italian greyhound sculptor, Piccolo Fortunato--his struggle and triumph as a young artist in New York has been documented in our book, Call Me Piccolo.

Ben Ressler

Award winning book of Irish fantasy The Northman's Daughter

Thanks to Ben Ressler who long ago told  a tale of banshees, Irish warriors and a mystical wild boar that led us back to the tale of our own ancestry in researching our first published book, A Northman's Daughter.